Sources & Further Reading

Week 1


What is a computer, what does it do?

Week 2

Course I

Open source and free software

Introduction to Free Software & Linux - Presentation

Free Software - The four essentials

Week 3

Course I

Linux operating systems

Week 4

Course I

Using bash. Using a text editor (vim)

Week 5

Course II

Regular Expressions

Week 6

Course III

What is data? What are data types

Data & Information - Presentation

Week 7

Mid-Term Exam



Week 8

Course IV

Introduction to Python. Setting environment.


Week 9

Course IV

Python: The basics.

Week 10

Course IV

Python: What is the area of this square?

Week 11

Course IV

Python: How many letters in this sentence?

Week 12

Course V

MySQL: The basics.

Week 13

Course V

MySQL: Lets run a query.

Week 14

Final Course

What is all about?

The Goal of the Course


The goal of this course is to provide an introduction to computer technology, basic problem-solving skills and introduction to Linux, Regular Expressions, Python and MySQL. Students are expected to acquire information and skills about the following topics:

  • What does a computer does and how it works?

  • Free software, free hardware and the importance of privacy.

  • Linux operating systems.

  • Understanding regular expressions

  • Basic usage of Python

  • Basic usage of MySQL

The course will run in the computer laboratory. However, students are expected to have their own computers to complete given tasks. Required environments should be set by students (such as Python interpreter, MySQL server, etc.) in their own computers.

The course material and required data will be supplied for the students at

Grading Policy

Mid-term exam 40% - Final exam 60%